House Concerts FAQs

What is a House Concert? 
It is a private concert in your house or backyard for your friends. It is warm, intimate and informal and gives your guests an unforgettable musical experience. You don’t need a big place as cozy still makes a great experience. Guests will have the opportunity to get to know the artist and will come away with a satisfying musical evening. 
How does it work? 
As the Host, Jess will work with you to set everything up. Jess provides the sound system and works sensitively in your house. You will invite twenty to fifty of your friends. You might provide beverages and finger food or make it a potluck, BYOB affair. Up to you - your style, as you are. 
How does Jess get paid? 
There are a number of ways to go. The Host can either ask the guests for a donation (around $10 to $20 each) or the Host just pays Jess to show up. Jess will also sell copies of his CDs and other merchandise to any of your guests who are interested. 
What are the risks? 
No more than any other party for your friends that you have given.  Like any party, someone could hurt themselves on your property doing something accidental. Because they are private guests, no extra or special insurance is required. You are not running a business. But the biggest risk is that you will want to do it again! 
Why would Jess Wayne play a house concert? 
Because he loves them! The chance to really connect with people who will actually listen is a sublime experience. 
Do I need any special equipment? 
Nope, Jess will bring all the gear necessary to make a beautiful high fidelity listening experience that is not too loud but just right. 
If I want to host a Host Concert, what’s next? 
Contact Jess and he will walk you through the steps and help. 
Answers to questions you haven’t thought of yet: